HOLA Design with another foreign success: The Shepherd’s Cottage won an award in the ICONIC AWARDS 2018

HOLA Design with another foreign success: The Shepherd's Cottage won an award in the ICONIC AWARDS 2018 - główne zdjęcie projektu

The Shepherd’s Cottage, a house located on the Lake Czorsztyńskie in the south of Poland, was the winner of another international competition – ICONIC AWARDS, organized by the German Design Awards. The trophy was awarded in the Innovative Architecture category. HOLA Project Group, founded by Monika and Adam Bronikowski, was entirely responsible for the design and implementation of its original concept.

The Shepherd’s Cottage is as unique as its surroundings. The picturesque Stylchyn Peninsula in the Pieniny Mountains is a place of extraordinary history and architecture – saved from flooding historic wooden villas, homesteads, granaries from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It also offers stunning views of the lake and castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica. The Shepherd’s Cottage project is a contemporary interpretation of the culture and landscapes of this region.

“In the project awarded this year with the RED DOT Design Award and now with the Innovative Architecture title in ICONIC AWARDS, we tried to base our work primarily on the local tradition and materials, as well as on the skills of local craftsmen. However, the whole would not look as if it had not been for the application of modern solutions and technologies. Our goal was to create the most coherent and comprehensive vision of combining motifs from the past with those from the present. We are extremely pleased that our ideas are gaining recognition of the jurors in international architectural competitions. We believe that we have managed to create a building that today is considered innovative, but with the passage of time will turn out to be timeless and thus will confirm its status as an icon of architecture” – say the owners – Monika and Adam Bronikowski, founders of HOLA Design, part of HOLA Project Group.

ICONIC AWARDS is an international competition established by the German Design Council – one of the world’s most important institutions operating in the field of design and architecture expertise. Synonymous with prestige and quality, it is the first company to award a prize for interdisciplinarity. The awards are given to visionary buildings, innovative products in all branches of architecture, construction and real estate. The official award ceremony will take place on 9thof October at the Pinakothek Museum of Contemporary Art in Munich, during EXPO Real – Europe’s largest real estate and B2B investment trade fair.


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