HOLA Design with Red Dot! Polish Shepherd’s Cottage has won an Oscar for design

HOLA Design with Red Dot! Polish Shepherd's Cottage has won an Oscar for design - główne zdjęcie projektu

Polish architectural and interior design studio has won Red Dot Award! The most prestigious award in the field of design will go to the designers for Shepherd’s Cottage– a house located on Lake Czorsztyńskie in the south of Poland. Its original concept was created and fully implemented within the HOLA Project Group, founded by Monika and Adam Bronikowski.

This is the official information: this year the most important award in the world of design, Red Dot Award, will go to the Polish design studio HOLA Design. The prestigious “red dot” in the Product Design category will be awarded to the Shepherd’s Cottage – a comprehensive architectural and interior design project created within the HOLA Design Group. “The Shepherd’s Cottage is a special project for us for at least a few reasons. First of all, because we were responsible not only for the interiors, but also for the architecture of the building. It’s a place we created from start to finish. With respect for local tradition and landscape. Without hesitation, we can say that Red Dot is the most valuable award for us in our professional career so far – due to its enormous prestige and, at the same time, our great fondness for this particular project. It is an honour and joy to be awarded the red dot,” commented Monika and Adam Bronikowski, owners of HOLA Design.

Shepherd’s Cottage

The awarded Red Dot project is a mountain cottage located on the picturesque Stylchyn peninsula. The house is located in a place of extraordinary history – in the vicinity of historic wooden villas, homesteads and brick cellars with granaries from the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with a breathtaking view of the lake and castles in Czorsztyn and Niedzica. Both its shape and interiors are a unique interpretation of the traditional architecture of this region of Poland. The main material used in the whole project is wood. The roof and facade of the building have been covered with aspen chip. The wooden entrance door is decorated with an ornament referring to the local tradition. This motif has been repeated many times inside – on doors, furniture or stairs. The wall of the kitchen is decorated with a sign of the flower of life – a local folk symbol – cut in a steel plate. The project is based not only on local tradition, but also on local materials, such as ceilings and walls, where old wooden planks were placed. Almost all furniture is designed by Architects. The whole is an intriguing play of motifs from the past and modern technological solutions.

About Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Design Award – it’s a design and quality sign, has been awarded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Design Centre in Essen since 1955. This year, Designers and Manufacturers from 59 countries entered more than 6,300 products into the competition. A jury of around 40 experts selected the most design and innovation products based on strict criteria. The official Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 Awards ceremony will take place on 9thof July at the Aalto Theatre in Essen. After the official gala, the winning designs will be shown in the Red Dot Design Museum at the “Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018” exhibition.


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