The Oasis of Cosiness designed by HOLA Design, awarded in the European Property Awards 2018

The Oasis of Cosiness designed by HOLA Design, awarded in the European Property Awards 2018 - główne zdjęcie projektu

While working on this house, the task of the HOLA Design team was to create a peaceful oasis of family life in which you can escape from the city noise. The goal was achieved and the effect was appreciated by the jury of the international competition European Property Awards. The house combines Scandinavian minimalism and Polish cosiness.

Oasis of Cosiness is a two-storey house in a quiet area near Warsaw. Watching the final effect, we immediately notice that its owners have fully trusted the HOLA Design team. At the stage of implementation, all project assumptions were maintained, and the team’s hand is visible in every detail. The house is storey, divided into two main zones. Downstairs there is a kitchen, dining room and living area with a study room. Upstairs there is a part of a private household with bedrooms, wardrobe, bathroom and fitness zone. On the ground floor, the rooms smoothly permeate – the mobile day zone combines a spacious living room with a study room, separated by a glass movable wall that makes it possible to be together or at the same time separately.

“The Investors wanted a simple and modern interior without unnecessary decorations and ornaments – they admit the maxim “less is more”. The family and the child expected the functionalities of the interiors, but without giving up the modern elegance and the best quality finish. The owners from the beginning knew that they want to surround themselves with natural materials – wood and stone with a noble appearance were combined here with soft fabrics in earthy colors. An important color accent appearing in the whole house is blue – in various subdued shades we can find curtains, upholstery, as well as wall coverings.

We also used the play of light to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, which allows us to create different moods. – says Monika Bronikowska, co-founder and co-owner of the HOLA Project Group.

The project, awarded in the prestigious competition European Property Awards, is also unusual details like an openwork balustrade, a cabinet displaying a collection of ceramics that breaks through the modern style and gives the interior a home character. For the owners, the most important is the family – these are the thoughts and the needs of individual members of this family which the HOLA Design team was guided by while working on the object.


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