We offer services in designing buildings at each scale: single family houses, public or apartment buildings. We use our extensive experience to set up various projects. In creating new buildings we always try for them to be both modern and rational. The expectations and needs of  our customers are our basic guidelines.

As the HOLA project group, formed by architecture lab EXTERIO  and interior design studio HOLA DESIGN, we also offer complex building designs along with professional interior designs, from urban scale to interior detail and furnishings, which is a unique service within the design market.




Before starting the design process we try to get to know your expectations about the building. We organize a meeting to ask you about your preferences and aesthetic needs.

We also check the area where the  building will be built. We visit the location. We check carefully the provisions of the local land development plan or the conditions for construction. If there are no documents mentioned we can help you obtaining them. We define a list of documents that will be needed to achieve the decision of the construction permit.


Information taken from you during  the first stage, allows us to create the initial building concept. We do  several versions, if possible, which differ in  functional guidelines and aesthetics. We pre-define the shape of the building and layout of the premises. We propose the location of the building on the plot with the preliminary land development. The presentation of each concept is based on a series of photo realistic visualizations. This step concludes by a meeting with the client to define the future direction of the design and select the option that will be developed during the next stage.


Based on the knowledge gained we propose the final design concept. Throughout several meetings with you we gather all the final information and improve the project. The final result takes into account all of your expectations.


The developed concept is completed by a range of technical information. At this stage, we cooperate with the builders and installation engineers. We then create a project which corresponds with the requirements you need to receive the  permit for construction.


At this stage, we perform detailed documentation which allows for precise realisation of the design assumptions. We work on the construction details, the combination of elements and the precision of descriptions.

For smaller buildings such as detached houses, we suggest you put together both the construction and executive project. It allows, at the application stage for a building permit, to make full construction and executive documentation on the basis of which the building can be realized.


The supervision service includes us visiting the building site during the project to supervise the correctness of the realisation of the project and to consulte with the contractor the arrangements. Any problems found at the building site are solved during this process .


As the HOLA project group, formed by  lab EXTERIO and HOLA DESIGN, we offer both the creation of buildings project with the parallel development of  interior design. Deciding on this type of cooperation you are guaranteed that all your expectations from the form of the building to the number of drawers in the kitchen will be well thought out.

At the concept design stage the interior spaces are precisely analyzed by experienced designers so that they are both functional and aesthetical. Thanks to close cooperation between architects and interior designers it is possible to design a building that harmoniously fulfills your needs.


Interior projects by the HOLA project group are developed by designers from the studio HOLA DESIGN that has extensive experience in designing interiors, for both private and public clients. Dozens of projects and satisfied clients attest to the professionalism of the company.

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